LUGANO, 2019 November 13th – BILLIONAIRE launches a short movie about the collaboration between the luxury brand and World champion Vasyl’ Lomachenko.

BILLIONAIRE and VASYL’ LOMACHENKO represent two absolute excellences in their fields. Both globally undefeated: the most luxurious brand on the contemporary scene and the greatest fighter in the world collaborating.

Filmed between London, Los Angeles and Ukraine, the movie celebrates the parallelism between Billionaire’s symbol (a roaring lion) and Vasyl’ Lomachenko, the undefeated champion; an actual king of the ring, gifted by the strength and the elegance of a lion, a perfect archetype of the Billionaire gentleman.

BILLIONAIRE supported Lomachenko on occasion of his latest two official fights: in April against Anthony Crolla at the Los Angeles Staple Center, where Lomachenko confirmed his world title of WBO and WBA World Champion and in August, at London’s O2 Arena, where he unified the three WBO, WBA and WBC belts against Luke Campbell.

In both occasions LOMA wore custom BILLIONAIRE shorts and crocodile leather gown.

It is such an honor to be Ambassador and at the same time it is such a big responsibility! Brand BILLIONAIRE has in itself brutality, power, perseverance and courage, and this is what unites us!
I always aspire for bigger things, always want to be better, and constantly working on it; this is why we are so similar with BILLIONAIRE! As the best boxer I choose the best brand! I hope that our collaboration will bring us many more victories! In the end I would like to thank those people who united BILLIONAIRE and LOMA – Said Tadmaoui and Philipp Plein.
Many thanks!
Vasiliy Lomachenko “LOMA”

„Athletes are the modern rock-stars, I love boxing and Loma is one of the best fighters in the world. I’ve met him for the first time in February in NYC, when he walked our Billionaire fashion show at the Grill, it was an unforgettable show and he was great!
Loma is the perfect match for Billionaire, the King of Boxing for the best contemporary brand for men, conceived for the most demanding self-made men, gentlemen with an unbeatable determination … just like him”
Philipp Plein
CEO and Founder of Philipp Plein Group